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Remote Support

Our customer friendly and efficient Remote Support Service enables us to offer you a fast, direct and secure support service using “Team Viewer”.

With this tool you allow us controlled, remote access to your computer. The connection takes place using a Webserver via HTTPS. It only needs you to make a quick download and no further installation is necessary. The process does not alter your PC in any way and is perfectly safe. The data will be compressed and encoded and is safeguarded by a digital security certificate.

You can directly download the remote tool (Avalist Support) as an exe file from our website.  You can choose WIN for a Windows computer or MAC for an Apple computer. Then start the exe file and enter your personal ID and password that the tool has generated for you. Your system will not be changed in any way by using Team Viewer.

Avalist Remote Credit (arc)

In order to enable new customers to benefit from our efficient and direct Remote Support Service, we have devised a system of “remote-credits”. Clients can purchase these ‘credits’ on line and then redeem them against remote support from Avalist. The value of the credit you should purchase can be discussed and determined beforehand with Avalist. Credits remain active and usable for up to one month after purchase, although once the service has been initiated and the work carried out the credits are deemed to have been used and no further claims can be made using them.





avalist remote credits unit a 15 minutes