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We create and update websites for clients who know the importance of keeping their websites updated regularly. By using Avalist they can be assured of receiving a high level service and have the peace of mind knowing that their websites are in safe hands.

Our Website package:

Basic Package - £800:

  • setting up a Website basic template with 4 Sites (home, service, about us and contact with answer form) build by Weblica CMS, easy and customer friendly.
  • setting up a Google Business account with google+ site, google place setup map search
  • incl. webhosting and new domain-name for 1 year (value £86.00)
  • setting up 1 info email account plus a custom forward email (for web form)
  • creating logo and a simply corporate identity.
  • first month free for basic website maintenance service (value £100.00).
  • voucher of minus 20% for Weblica light licence.
  • voucher free for 2 month for the basic website maintenance service subscription (value £200.00)

Pro package (includes Basic package + items below) - £1500:

  • same as basic
  • bespoken template for Website
  • plus 5 sites more (reference, guestbook, more service sites, etc.)
  • setting up 1 more full email plus up to 5 forward emails plus a "webmaster" forward email
  • setting up a Google Webmaster account plus verification, create a Sitemap- and a Robot file important for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • setting up a Google Analytics account plus insert code to the Website
  • new Bing Place for Business account for Bing map search
  • create basic Terms & Conditions and Privacy and Cookies
  • setting up a Facebook account with Site, linked to the Website
  • first month free for the pro website maintenance & SEO service (value £250.00)
  • voucher of 2 month free for the pro website maintenance & SEO service subscription (value £500.00)        

Pro package with Google AdWords ( includes Pro package + items below) - £2000:

  • same as Pro
  • setting up a Google AdWords account, linked to google place, google analytics & webmaster
  • setting up first campaign (display & text) plus a voucher up to £100.00 for the first campaign
  • first month free for Basic google AdWords maintenance (value £200.00)
  • voucher of 2 month free for the pro website & SEO service ink. Basic AdWords maintenance subscription (value £900.00)
  • special AdWords site on your website for direct advertising via special google AdWords campaigns (like Easter offer etc.)
  • monthly one free report about the campaign via email

Websites need ongoing management, updating and refining. Regularly updated websites ensure that your ranking with search engines like Google will improve continuously.

We offer website-, social media-, advertising by Google or Bing maintenance and management programs that are professional, inexpensive which takes care of your entire web support needs. We work with you to ensure that your website provides accurate and up-to-date information to  visitors.

Our monthly website maintenance packages are designed to be as simple as possible whilst offering the very best in value for money.

Our Service subscription

Basic maintenance - £100:

  • basic Website maintenance:
  • 2 hours of support/updates per month (changes on website)
  • monitoring broken links and fixing
  • email support
  • monthly website backup
  • monthly ne statistic of traffic & visitors report
  • free web hosting and domain name renewal

Pro maintenance & SEO (includes basic + items below) - £250:

  • same as basic
  • 2 add. hours of support/updates per month (optimizing, changes on website)
  • 2 hours support/updates per month for Social Media Management (changes on sites)
  • telephone Support
  • monthly up to 3 bespoken Statistics reports by email
  • 1 hour bespoke SEO action plan pro month (update sitemap file etc.)

Basic Google AdWords maintenance - £200:

once per month
  • control of ad
  • search term analysis
  • quality factor control
  • display control
  • examination of the bidding strategy
  • suggestions for further searches
  • value determination
  • learning control
  • budget Controls
  • email support

Pro Google Adwords maintenance (includes basic +items below) - £450:

  • weekly, sames same as basic
  • 2 hours of support/updates per month
  • telephon support

If you use more hours than your contract allows

If you use more than your contracted hours in a particular month, any additional support requirements will be quoted separately at a fixed rate. If it goes over your allocated hours and additional costs would occur, you will be advised first and only if we get the go-ahead from you we will carry out any further work.

Is there a minimum contract length?
No! Only the first year you pay in advance, afterwards we run a rolling 30 days contract, payable in advance monthly. If you would like to cancel the contract it’s on one month notice

Pay As You Go
If you need a new Website, a Social Media site or something else for your online presentation you may prefer to pay our flat rate, just contact us for a quote!