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Create a website easily made.

In no time for their own homepage: Create your own homepage and maintain your website with the Weblica Desktop CMS - cheap, easy and fast.

Whether corporate presence, club gig or your own personal homepage: Create your websites also convenient and worry-free on your Windows PC with Weblica.

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Choose from a variety of modern
 classical as design templates.

Let yourself be inspired!
  • how it works
    how it works

    With the weblica Desktop CMS you succeed in even the most demanding Internet sites in no time : Create your own web pages in four easy steps. Publish your changes at more...

  • Build structure
    Build structure

    Building up your website (site structure) beeing determined by main pages. Weblica creates the associated navigation and menu structure including the actual website more...

  • Maintain content
    Maintain content

    Manage your contents with the help of pages . The home page (starting page) and the main pages for the navigation you have already met. In addition Weblica knows more...

  • Select Design
    Select Design

    Choose from a variety of designs and design variants. Insert your own logo and customize the design colors to your wishes. more...

  • Appearance publish
    Appearance publish

    Publishing your website is at the touch of a button via FTP. It is sufficient, even to save the login information for your server, and henceforward Weblica care of the more...

  • system requirements
    system requirements

    Weblica is a desktop CMS that allows you to maintain your website easily and comfortably on your Windows PC, so you do not need to be constantly connected to the Internet more...

  • weblica versions
    weblica versions

    Get started : Create your free website with Weblica Community Edition. convert your community edition any time to a full version by purchasing license , enter key more...

  • purchase weblica
    purchase weblica

    Ideal for small Web Presence With an unlimited number of pages! Stand-alone license for your own designs Single-user license Web presence with up to 40 pages Allowed more...

  • download weblica
    download weblica

    Download Weblica Desktop-CMS Version 3.7.3 operating system : Windows XP (from SP2), Windows 8, 7 & Vista languages: German (CH) and English System Requirements more...