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Maintain content

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Manage your contents with the help of pages. The home page (starting page) and the main pages for the navigation you have already met.

In addition Weblica knows yet the so-called detail pages; these are not automatically part of the navigation. You use these pages as a rule for contents that have the character of articles, such as product descriptions, press releases etc.

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Pages and paragraphs

You structure your pages using paragraphs. Weblica provides you with a number of different paragraph types that allow you to embed on your pages text, images, polls, guestbooks, automated lists, etc..

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Paragraphs you choose comfortably from a list

Weblica are expanding the number of available paragraphs steadily. Your wishes are central. In our online forum in the section wishlist you may put on your ideas and wishes - We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Dealing wiht Files

Weblica provides you with your own storage for the required files in a project. This allows you to manage all files, such as images and documents for your site.

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Working with Images

Images are an important design element to enhance the appeal of your website. With Weblica you manage images easily and comfortably. Also the cut to size, enlarge and reduce images you do with a few mouse clicks.

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The Link Management: Linking contents comfortably

Weblica offers many opportunities to link contents.

Nothing is worse for your site  visitors than orphaned links pointing out to non-existent contents. Thanks Weblica, this problem belongs to the past!
If you move a page or a paragraph which you have linked, then Weblica updates automatically all affected links. And if you delete a linked site or paragraph, Weblica draws your attention immediately to this problem.

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