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TheSmartFoX mobile


Video surveillance Cameras,
immediately, at every location*

*Sites with cellular network coverage
Ideal for temporary, ad hoc monitoring:
  • road traffic
  • construction sites
  • Parking areas
  • Crouds, Demonstrations
  • Events, Celebrations
  • Vorders, territory
  • Public areas
  • Buildings
  • Entrace doors
  • etc.
Up place – ready, go.
Only place up the device – no installation, no technical configuration
SmartFoXmobile is ideal for occasional, temporary surveillance operations at any location. The only condition is G3/G4 mobile network coverage. Whether for police, security companies, shopkeepers, government agencies, municipal governments, property management, construction companies, etc., this video device ist equipped with two cameras and own solar panels. It is placed very quickly and then without tech. configuration immediately ready for use.

Control video cameras easily through a user-friendly menu directly by cell phone or over the Internet. No matter whether at day or at night SmartFoXmobile monitores any desired object or group of people. In stunning picture quality, the data is immediately transmitted to the IMM (Interactive Mobile monitoring) video server, transcoded and stored on an external web server. Double security: all images and data are transmitted at a high encryption of 2048 bits.

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Areas of application: Mobile and versatile.
Mobile and versatile, TheSmartFoX can be used anywhere there is a need for affordable state-of-the-art object monitoring or video transmission using the Internet or cellular phone. Safety applications include, for example: Business and office monitoring, home entrance monitoring, yards, parking lots, garages, building sites, disposal dumps and monitoring of valuable articles. TheSmartFox can be easily and fully integrated with unaffiliated alarm systems. Additional applications include, but are not limited to: Picture transmission at meetings, picture-based remote diagnostics, building services integration and much more. The only requirements for operation are electricity and a broadband Internet connection.

Security guaranteed
TheSmartFox cameras can be programmed to activate and record only when movement occurs. Whether day or night, TheSmartFox remains fully functional, delivering instant images and amazing image quality. Data are conveyed immediately, converted on the IMM (Interactive Mobile Monitoring) video server, and stored on an external Web server. For even greater security, all recordings can be stored indefinitely for review at a later time.

Features / Specifications:
  • Battery life time: 5 days without sun
  • Very high security:
    - Images are Stored on the video server and the Web server
    - Image data is transmitted with 2048 bit encryption
    - Also encrypts access to Web server (with certificate)
    - Images are automatically saved 20days (adjustable)
    - Device has GPS location
  • Image transfer via the existing mobile network or G3 / G4
  • No installation or configuration required equipment
  • Camera infrared night vision up to 50 m
  • Total height 4 m

The advantages at a glance
  • Simple operation, no need for device configuration
  • Professional, reliable system for day and night
  • Interactive monitoring and control via smartphone, Tablet-PC oder Laptop
  • Automatic alerts via SMS or e-mail
  • Modular and expandable
  • Rent our purchase possible