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State of the Art
Video Surveillance, High Resolution, Colour, Infra Red,
Easy to use, inexpensive and mobile.

Mobile Surveillance has Never Been So Easy And Affordable.

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Now you can view LIVE images and recorded video pictures from any location under surveillance directly to your Cell Phone, PDA, and/or Laptop computer via the Internet. The Smart Fox system through an integrated movement sensor can not only show the user clear/sharp digital images, but can also inform the property owner of an "incident" via instant notification via SMS or a high priority E-mail message. With this immediate alarm message and online access to a historical data base of stored images, the user can determine what course of action should be employed IE.. Disregard the "incident", call the location under surveillance, and inform your local police, Fire Department etc. Alternatively, the "incident" can be routed automatically to the local police and/or the fire department for immediate dispatch.
TheSmartFoX is modular, extendable and could also be integrated as part of your existing Smart Home system.
TheSmartFoX system is versatile
TheSmartFoX system can be used at your business, privat home, vacation hiome etc. Anywhere, you want the ability to monitor "in realtime" a specific location or object. All that is required is an electrical outlet an broadband connection to the internet.

The advantages at a glance
  • Ease of use
  • The device does not need any configuration
  • Professional, secure system
  • Interactive monitoring and control via a smartphone, tablet PC, Laptop, PDA
  • Automatic alerts via SMS or e-mail
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • Very cost effective:
    - Base package for rental or purchase
    - Monthly subscription for web hosting and software updates

TheSmartFoX Base Package
consisting of:
  • 2 high resolution video infrared camera (day + night)
  • IMM (Interactive Mobile monitoring) video server
  • System and application software
TheSmartFoX Premium Package
consisting of:
  • 4 High resolution video infrared cameras (day + night)
  • IMM (Interactive Mobile monitoring) video server
  • System and application software
  • Additional connection for an interface with 8 digital and 2 analog inputs to control other devices such as: existing alarm systems, motion detectors, shock, lighting, temperature sensor / humidity sensor, door contact etc.

Individually configurable systems and additional cameras, we are pleased to offer.

Warranty, maintenance and services
All components are warranted and guaranteed for a period of two years. TheSmartFoX system is very easy to maintain. Software updates and remote maintenance can be done directly via the internet to the server. A service department and the help lne and our support at any time guarantees the protection of your investment.

TheSmartFoX video surveillance is a swiss development of the IT company Compnet GmbH and is also offered throught specialized resellers such as  electrical installation-, security- and IT-companies.