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Shopping, Banking, Browsing, Social Networking . Threats exist anytime you access the Internet no matter which device you use. That is why it’s important to keep all of your devices safe with the same level of security. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device uses award-winning Kaspersky technology to protect your PC, Mac, Android smartphone and tablet.


Cybercriminals don’t discriminate:
All of your devices access the same Internet and face the same risks and dangers. As a result they all need the same protection.

You can’t afford a weak link:
Cybercriminals go where the most users are, targeting more Macs and Android devices each year as those platforms become more popular.

Your portable devices can disappear:
Mobile devices a great because they are small, lightweight and easy to anywhere…But they are also easily lost or stolen. You need to protect these important devices and the information they contain with advanced security.

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